paketa v2 magnesium tandem bike

Superior performance - Light weight

V2 Magnesium Tandem


Magnesium is the lightest structural metal currently available in the world, which means Paketa tandem bikes are extremely lightweight. No other tandem can compete with the lightness of a Paketa magnesium tandem. The average weight of our tandems is 25lbs and we have built them down into the low 20s.

Shock absorbing

Because magnesium has the highest known damping capacity of any structural metal – as much as 10 times greater than steel, titanium, or aluminum – the ride is truly amazing. Vibration from the road literally disappears within the structure of the frame and never reaches the rider. Many tandems become difficult to control on high speed descents resulting in over-braking. The V2’s absorbing qualities give you confidence and stability at very high speeds so you don’t have to ride the brakes and spoil all of  your fun.

Guaranteed fit

Our goal is to build you your dream bike. Every tandem bicycle we build is designed custom for the riders, and we take pride in guaranteeing the perfect fit. You can visit our shop for a fitting, take your own measurements at home, or send us fit data from the professional bike fitter of your choice.


Frame Price: $6395

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Complete Bike: $10-15k

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V2 Magnesium Tandem

Paketa was one of the pioneer frame builders in the early 2000s to bring back the no-lateral frame design in tandems. With the oversized tubing, the no-lateral design saves a ton of weight over a standard lateral tube design. The clean path between the tubing allows for a direct channel for optimal vibration damping, providing you with the best ride quality available on a tandem. The V2 is light, stiff, and responsive and has proven it's performance in many tandem races around the world.
Because of the innovative “compact open” low-top-tube design, frame sizes become almost irrelevant. Standover height is ample for almost anybody front or rear, and with a 72.5 cm (28.5”) stoker top tube you’ll never hear any complaints of cramped rear quarters. A quality adjustable stoker stem helps to fine tune the fit of the stoker. The V2 is available in a small, medium, large, and extra-large with different length captains top tubes. Captain’s top tubes are customizeable to the 1/2 centimeter.


  • 12x142mm through axle or quick release
  • Hydraulic or cable disc brake
  • Electronic or cable actuated shifting
  • Custom geometry
  • 44mm ID headtube – $300 upgrade
  • 68mm BSA bottom bracket shell
  • 35mm tire clearance
  • Rack and fender mounts optional

What do people have to say?

“My wife and I have been riding tandems since 1985, and over the years have owned 10 different tandems.   The Paketa was a revelation.   Riding a bike this light makes acceleration a delight, and also makes climbing so much more fun.    We were hoping for these traits and we got them.   But the real surprise came with the wonderful combination of stiffness  and compliance.  The Paketa is stiff  enough to allow easy stands for both of us on steep ascents, and pleasantly compliant enough for the stoker on rough roads.” – Michael