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Magnesium Bikes

We love building bikes, and that love and passion is clear when you first ride a custom Paketa magnesium bike. We take the time to work with you to build your dream bike, and we strive to build you the best bike you've ever ridden. One that you will want to ride every day. When you first lay your hands on a custom Paketa bike, you will be impressed with it's light weight and beauty, but when you first ride a Paketa, you will be blown away by the performance. Paketa magnesium bikes are extremely smooth and responsive with incredible power transfer. So whether you are road racing, long distance recreational riding, racing 'cross, or off-road adventuring; you can go faster and further on a Paketa. All Paketa magnesium bikes are fully custom, and we offer all the options such as electronic shifting, disc brakes, tapered forks, custom tire clearance, custom paint jobs and more.

What do people have to say?

“After my first race on it yesterday, I am even happier with the Paketa than I was before. It raced stiff and lively, snappy, but very precisely controllable. It gave me a great deal of confidence on the course. I am extremely proud to be racing on a Paketa” – Steve