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Magnesium is lightweight and rides smoother than any other frame material

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Paketa Magnesium bicycles

Paketa magnesium bicycles are handmade one at a time at our shop in Lafayette, Colorado. JP Burow, owner and framebuilder, has been building bike frames for over 20 years and over half of that time has been exclusively with Magnesium. Magnesium is an incredible material for a bike frame. Magnesium bicycles are lightweight with a very high strength to weight ratio, and the vibration damping abilities of Magnesium create a bike so smooth and responsive, you can ride all day with ultimate comfort. Each bike built by Paketa is completely customized to the individual. We hand pick the tube sets for each rider to optimize weight, strength, durability, and ride quality. While your frame is being fabricated, we will work directly with you to choose the best components for your cycling needs. We offer electronic or cable shifting, rim brakes or disc brakes, wide ranges of tire clearances, precision hand built wheels, and anything else you can think of.

Advantages of a Magnesium Bike Frame

  • Superior vibration damping over any other material that is is used for bike frames.
  • Light weight – our tandems are 2lbs lighter than competing Carbon Fiber tandems.
  • Superior frame stiffness provides excellent power transfer and responsive handling.
  • Better absorption by the frame means less fatigue for your body and joints.  
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Jp Burow - framebuilder

Jp Burow is the owner, designer, and frame builder of Paketa Custom Bicycles. Jp has been a staple of the Boulder, Colorado custom bicycle world for decades. He started Morgul Bismark Bicycles and ran Rainbow Cycle craft paint shop with his brother Mark. He began welding Magnesium frames for Paketa in the early 2000s then purchased the company in 2008. His experience and expertise has developed Paketa into a top-notch custom bike that riders all over the world lust over. The performance, ride quality, and durability of all Paketa Magnesium bicycles are a testament to the dedication that Jp has for his craft. Read more>>